The Daily Photo

OK, so I had previously posted a picture of my front yard with a ton of hail in it. It was a decent pictures, but nothing like this one. As I was sitting in my living room, I noticed that everything outside was turning this bright orange color even though the rain was still coming down pretty hard. So, as any photographer would, I grabbed my camera and rushed outside to see if I could get a nice shot. I didn't have a view of the sun from my yard so I ran inside, got my keys and hopped in the car. Of course, on the way out to the car I stepped in a foot of water near the curb, but who hasn't, right? Anyhow, I pulled over into a field where I've taken a large number of pictures and I started shooting. Few things fascinate me as much as seeing the sun shining while rain is falling overhead. Alot of people complain about the weather that we get in this part of the country, but I love it!