Custom Picture Frames

This Christmas, I decided to do something a little different and go completely home-made with a few of the presents I gave to people. Below are not only pictures of what I was able to hand-make for people, but also just a few examples of what I would be more than happy to design and build for you. If you see any of the scenic pictures on my site that you might like to order mounted in a custom frame or if we've worked together before and you might like one of your favorite prints mounted in one, just click here to let me know which image you are thinking about and an approximate size and I'll come up with a design and quote as soon as possible. Check 'em out!

I built this first frame a few months ago just to see if I could do it, but then as you can see in the picture below, I greatly improved the look and design of the second frame and really stepped up the quality. My whole approach with these two (as with any frame) was to bring the entire theme and idea of the picture out into the frame. I used old worn out wood that I was able to find just lying around because, not only is it a much greener way to operate, but it also adds so much more character to the photos.



I this next photo, I decided to make something a little different that would match the black and white theme of the photo I had printed. You may recognize this picture from an earlier post when I did a big session with my entire family. I built this frame entirely from scratch and used a router saw to cut all of the grooves and contours into the wood.


Next up is a simple frame that I put together of a picture of my son. I did my best to match the colors of the frame with the colors in the photo so that it wasn't simply a vessel from which to present the picture, but rather a continuation of the photo itself.


My final example is not actually of a frame at all, but rather a simple "floating picture" style that seriously focuses the eye entirely on the photo itself. I built it with pieces on the back that made the picture appear to be floating one inch from the wall. This one was definitely the quickest and easiest of the different frames I build and may possibly be my favorite.


Finally, I just wanted to show a example of the back of all of the frames custom build by yours truly. I've made sure to purchase professional quality products so that you never have to worry about your art falling down or falling apart.

I you would like to order anything like you've seen above for yourself or anyone you know, just click here and we'll work something out!