Good afternoon, everybody! Well unfortunately I don't have any "new" photography to share with you today, but I do have some interesting stuff that I thought I would share with the internet world. I was doing a little research on different lenses and I came across a certain type of lens called a "tilt-shift" lens. I had absolutely no idea what that meant or what specifically it did and honestly, I didn't have much reason to did too much deeper into it seeing as how the cheapest one was $1350, but for some reason I decided to learn more about them. After spending something like an hour reading about them . . . . . . . I still had no idea what they did. But then I started looking at pictures taken with them, and I was introduced to an entirely new way to take photos. Basically, these special lenses allow you to distort focus in some really intriguing ways. With a standard lens, you really only have one level of control over the focus of any given shot, but these lenses provide up to three different ways to control, distort, and completely change the focus of your shot. Unfortunately, I don't quite have the $$ to purchase a sweet-nice tilt-shift lens, but all of this definitely got me thinking about the whole concept of what I can and can't do with focus. Now I have to admit that I usually tend to see myself as somewhat of a "purist" when it comes to photo editing (in my opinion, a good photographer should be able to get the perfect shot while he's there with the camera; photo editing software is for making slight color, light, and "skin" adjustments, not for completely changing a photo), but I learned some fun tricks to make my photos look pretty crazy so I thought I would show them to everyone and see what you think. So here they are:

Notice how the effect makes the larger city photos look like tiny miniature models:

This one is definitely my favorite. It really looks like the players on the field are just little tiny figurines!:

This affect can also be applied to portraits to give them a smaller depth of field. It isn't nearly as intriguing as it is with wider shots, but it's still pretty cool.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed these unusual before/after photos and I hope you have a great weekend!