In an effort to keep my blog fresh and interesting, I've decided to steal someone else's idea and post a variety of topics on different days. I'm thinking on Tuesdays I'll post some serious topics regarding faith and walking in the way that God intended. So here goes my first "Tuesday Devotional:"

The other day my father and I had lunch together and I was reminded of a pretty big mistake that I made a few months ago. I wasn't actually aware that I was making the mistake for a few months and even after I had realized I messed up, it took me a few more months to fully understand and put into words what I had done. Strangely enough, during lunch the other day, I finally able to understand what I did and fully put it into words.

Here's what I did:

Over a year ago, I was working a job that I absolutely despised. I knew that God was telling me to get the heck out of there and just trust Him, but it took me about 6 months to finally build up my faith enough to do it. I spent a few months saving up some money and building my faith before I was willing to even consider it. All of the sudden, out of nowhere it was like God dropped a "faith bomb" on me and suddenly I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I gave myself a timeline and and prayed as hard as I could to make sure it was God's will and after alot of confirmation, I finally quit a job I had been working at for 6 years and decided to completely put my faith in God. So far so good. I had finally ended one of the longest and most complicated chapters of my life so far and it felt so amazing to close the book. There was only one problem, for those of you expert readers, you've probably already noticed my error. I, unfortunately, have only just picked up this crazy fad they call reading and was therefore unaware of the way it all worked. Whenever you're reading a book (especially one of those big ones without any pictures) coming to the end of a chapter doesn't mean you're done reading, it just means the book is about to change direction or subject. Rather than understanding this fact and looking forward to starting the next chapter with God, I closed the book. I unintentionally closed the "faith book" and decided that I was done listening to God for a while. I'm not sure what exactly was going on in my head, but I guess it was something like this, "Oh man, I'm so proud of myself for building up my faith all by myself and orchestrating this entire change in my life. I've done such a good job figuring all of this out that I think it's time to turn off my brain and just assume that God will make everything else work out perfectly for me without any effort or faith on my part." OK, so maybe that monologue didn't exactly happen in my head, but it's certainly what happened. I'm finally, after 6 months building my faith back up and gaining a fuller understanding of how God wants to use me, but I can't help but feel like I could have gotten here alot faster if I had started this chapter immediately rather than closing the book and putting it back on the shelf.

Have you ever closed the book when you should've kept reading? Are you getting ready to end a chapter and you're not sure what's next? Remember that the end of a chapter isn't the end of the book. And as any expert reader can tell you, picking a book back up after 6 months just isn't as effective as staying with it from beginning to end.