MCR Custom Homes

Over the weekend, I got to try something I had never done before. I have a decent amount of experience shooting portraits and I've even done a little bit of landscape photography, but I had never been asked to take pictures of somebody's home until now. I met Craig a few months ago when I was working at Sugar Browns and was honored by the fact that he remembered me and thought of me when he needed some work done. Craig got into the contracting business a few years ago when he decided to build his own house and he hasn't looked back since. I had the opportunity to shoot the first 2 homes that he's built so far (his own and one about a block away) and will hopefully get the chance to shoot his third house as it's being built. Craig is planning on starting a website soon and getting some more marketing materials up so I'll post them on here once that's happened. Until then, if you are interested in speaking with Craig about a new home, just call the number below. Enjoy!