I've known Garrett for a couple of years now and was glad to get the chance to do a quick session with him earlier this week. Garrett hasn't had pictures taken of himself in quite a few years and he realized it was about time that he had some recent photos that he could give to his family down in Dallas. I really enjoyed doing this particular shoot and it was nice to get out to the edge of town and get some nice fresh air while we shot. Garrett did a fantastic job putting out the vibe for most of these pictures and I could not have been happier with the results. If you're interested in possibly doing a shorter "mini-session" like this one I did with Garrett, feel free to contact me and we can certainly see about setting one up. All of the shots from this photo shoot were taken within 20 yards of each other and we only shot for about 45 minutes. Sometimes, short-and-sweet is just the way to do it. And by the way, how awesome is that Burberry tie!?