The Thomas Kids

There are alot of photographers out there who swear up and down that photographing kids is the worst thing in the world. They complain about the kids always being rowdy and unfocused and how it's nearly impossible to get all of them to smile at the camera at the same time when they're in a group. As true as that last sentence may be, I really do enjoy it. Sure it can get a little stressful when one kid won't stop sticking out his tongue and another won't stop looking at her older sister, but kids can also be some of the most enjoyable subjects to photograph. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with my dear friend Jeff Thomas and his kids Jackson, Julie-Ann, and Jessica and it was such a good time taking some photos. These kids are definitely energetic and it was a welcomed challenge trying to capture some of that energy with these photos. And not only did I get some great shots of the kids, but Grandma & Grandpa got in on the action as well. I hope you enjoy them!