New Cards

OK, so I realize this isn't a huge thing to write about, but I designed some new business cards and I'm looking forward to passing them around to people because they look way way better than my old cards. Truth be told, when I first got into this whole photography thing, I hadn't the slightest clue what I was doing or how I was supposed to do it. One thing I thought I might need to do was make some business cards so I hastily (and poorly) designed the card below:

I was pretty hessitant to order business cards at all because I thought that the days of handing people a piece of paper were long gone, but I've come to realize that, although I don't personally hang on to business cards, people ask for them alot and it really is a great way to get your name out and bring in business. The more I passed out my cards though, the more I came to realize how ugly they were. I told myself that I would just design some new cards once I passed out all of my old ones, but I just don't think I can wait that long. Below are just a few of my new business cards that I will be passing out. I hope you like them . . . I sure do!