A Couple of New Albums

Over the last few months I've started using a service called DPhoto to upload entire photo albums so my clients can view and download their favorite photos without the need to burn DVD's. Although I never really intended for my own DPhoto page to be a place where I would display photos for the general public, it's so incredibly easy and their albums look great, so I thought that I would spotlight a couple of albums for you fine folks to check out. 

My Family:

It kinda seems like the title says it all, but I'll go ahead and elaborate. I have a pretty big family, and I have alot of photos of said family. I usually end up taking a handful of photos at family events, editing them, and then just leaving them on a hard drive only to look at them once or twice a year. But I realized the other day that I may as well post all of those photos in an online album so that the rest of my awesome family can at least look at, and download some of them if they want to. If you're related to me, I would suggest bookmarking this album because I'll definitely be updating it with more awesome photos of my awesome family. Booyah.


My Favorites:

The people in my family are definitely my favorite people, but this album features my favorite non-family-related photos that I've taken over the last few years. It may not be a completely comprehensive list of every one of my favorites, but it's a good collection of photos that I enjoy, so hopefully you will to. So whether or not you're family, this would be a good one to bookmark because I'm sure there will be more added as time goes by.