Coop Holm

I know I say this fairly often, but this photo shoot really may be one of my favorites - at least in quite a while. Cooper is graduating high school this year and I had the great pleasure of shooting his senior photos. I know, you're probably thinking it's awfully late to be shooting senior photos, but we did, and they turned out great. So there you go. 

One of the things that made this shoot so fun is it's one of the first where I used a fun, handy piece of lighting equipment that I got from my good friend Jerod Foster. Jerod is definitely the best photographer I know and you should definitely go check out his stuff. Anyway, the piece of equipment is called a Saber Strip. Basically, it's a 4ft reflective tube that holds an external flash unit hooked up to a remote. It's extremely light and portable and it ended up providing the perfect amount of light for some pretty cool shots. I'm usually the kind of person who tries hard to only shoot with available light, but the Saber Strip definitely opens the doors to some fun new applications. 

Anyway, like I said above, I really had a great time shooting these and I hope that you will enjoy them as well.