Photography Pricing

Basic Package $250

  • 1 hour of shooting time                                                                                        
  • 1 location (or area)      
  • No clothing changes                                                                                             
  • Copy Rights to all the photos                                                                          
  • All the photos touched up*                                                                              
  • One copy of CD of all photos

Deluxe Package $350

  • 2-3 hours of shoot time
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited clothing changes
  • Copy Rights to all the photos
  • All the photos touched up*
  • Unlimited copies of CD    


I am also available for weddings, however prices are determined per wedding. Just click here to send me an email about when and where the wedding will take place and I will get back with you ASAP so we can get started!


Although both packages come with a CD/DVD of your photos, I also provide a large array of quality products to chose from. Just let me know prior to the photo shoot if you intend to purchase prints and/or other products from me so I can be sure to add them to my online store which can be accessed by clicking here or going to "Proofing" at the top of any page. Please understand that these prices are not necessarily all-inclusive and just because it's not on the list doesn't mean that it can't be done. If you have any questions/requests/suggestions about products please feel free to click here and let me know.


8 Wallets:      $8.00                       
4x6:              $7.50
5x7:              $9.00
8x10:            $10.00
8x12:            $15.00
10x10:          $20.00
11x14:          $30.00
16x20:          $60.00
16x24:          $80.00
20x30:          $100.00
24x36:          $160.00 

Custom Greeting Cards:

Custom Greeting cards are perfect for the holidays or any other special occasion in life. All greeting cards measure 4"x8", come custom designed, and feature a custom greeting of your choice. Greeting cards are sold in multiples of 25. 

Design: $50.00 (Required for all greeting card orders)
4x8 card:          $25.00 (25 cards)


Stand-Outs are printed on .75" or 1.5" thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a black, white, stainless steel, or light wood trim around the edges and perfect for giving your photos a huge level of eye-catching depth. Stand-Outs provide a cheaper alternative to Canvas Gallery Wraps.

8x10:              $75.00
11x14:            $115.00
16x24:            $150.00
20x30:            $200.00 

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

Gallery Wraps are printed on a piece of canvas and hand-stretched around a .5” thick wooden frame.

8x10:             $100.00
11x14:           $150.00                       
18x24:           $250.00
24x36:           $375.00 

Custom Photo Albums:

Prices start at $300, include a DVD with all of the images, and are completely customizable. Please contact Ryan for more detailed information and specific pricing. 

Custom Built Picture Frames:

I am more than happy to work with you to design the perfect picture frame to accentuated any prints you might be looking for. For examples, click here and then feel free to contact me so we can begin designing and working out pricing options for you!

* Touch-ups include basic color adjustments/enhancements, removal of temporary marks (pimples, cuts, bruises), teeth whitening, and removal of hair "flyaways" and occasionally powerlines. Touch-ups do not include the addition or removal of large objects in the photo ("just photoshop a guitar in my hand", or "you can just photoshop that car out, right?"), distortion of the physical attributes of the human body (making any part of your body look thinner, thicker, longer, shorter), or removal of permanent marks (tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc). *