Video Pricing

Despite the huge advances in technology today, finding a good videographer can still be a pain. Fortunately, long-gone are the days when your only option for video work was the local news crew. I remember as a kid thinking how unfair it was that the only way to shoot a "good" commercial was by calling the news people, letting them bring all of their equipment, and paying their ridiculous prices for a mediocre piece of work. 

I provide incredibly high-quality, 1080p HD video services at competitive prices with the added benefit of being able to speak with me directly and the chance to create a quality piece together. I've produced advertising for churches, promotional films for non-profits, music videos, and even professional video services for personal, private events.

The cameras I use are professional quality Canon cameras (Canon 5D mmii & Canon 7D) along with a wide array of canon lenses and accessories to make your video stand out from the rest.

Pricing for Video Services generally starts at $700/day for shooting & $600/day for editing, but can vary quite a bit depending on the type/length/content of the video. The number of days and price will always be determined and agreed upon before work begins. To get a quote for your specific video needs, please contact me by clicking here.

For a taste of some of my video work, check out my Video Samples Page.