My Portfolio

Below you'll find links to a handful of videos that I've been involved in to varying degrees over the last few years. I've had the great honor to help make some incredible pieces for Experience Life Church here in Lubbock, I've worked on a few projects personally, and I've also gone back and done a few jobs for Operation HOPE. Whether I've acted as director, camera operator, producer, or even actor, I've been busy! I've also included a handful of recent logo/graphic design jobs.


Most recently, I've had the chance to get out from behind the camera more and manage larger film crews to help make some really fantastic pieces. Here are a few of my favorites:


Filmed/Edited/Produced By Me

Sometimes you get to work with a big crew and tons of resources . . . sometimes It's just you and a camera and a big task at hand. Though jobs like that can be daunting and a little intimidating, that's the way I started out and I wouldn't trade those opportunities for the world. In previous posts, you can see a lot of projects just like these, but here are some from more recent times.


Camera Operator

Whether I'm shooting completely by myself or on a larger team, I still love pointing a camera at something and helping make it look awesome. Here are a handful of projects I've been involved in where I was a member of a larger crew and my primary objective was filming. And as much as I would love to take the time to point out exactly which shots were mine, that would take an eternity. That said, the videos below were specifically selected because they feature my shots at least 50% of the time.


Drone Footage

Though I still haven't gotten my license to fly my drone commercially (like for money), I'm still super proud of some of the stuff I've gotten so I would love to feature it here. Below are some of my favorite drone videos/videos featuring some of my drone work. 


On Camera

Though most of my work is done off-camera, there are a few instances where I've had the chance to step in front of the camera to read some lines and/or act like a total idiot. Enjoy!


Live Production

If you watch the video above, you'll see a church service in which I was responsible for live production including cameras, lights, and all of the visual elements. I  wanted to go ahead and include the video below as well since it's from one of the biggest, most successful events I've ever been in charge of. The scope of the production was huge and I'm honored to have gotten a chance to be a part of it.


Graphic/Logo Design

And finally, all over this site, you'll see plenty of my photography work, but I've also had the chance to design some pretty fun stuff over the last few years. Here are some of my favorites.