This Is PopX

PopX is a blend of Pop-Art and Expressionism and was created by Baron Batch. In the past couple of years, Baron has produced over 200 pieces of world-class art and he's nowhere close to slowing down. Back in April, 2014 Baron came to the Lubbock Arts Festival to show off his work and connect with fans. Rather than just sitting around doing nothing, Baron decided to get to work doing what he does best. He didn't even have to stop for the interview.

I always enjoy it when Baron comes into town because we do so much more than just sit around doing nothing. We get to work planning out and making things that are awesome. Whether he's walking through a grocery store to film a commercial or live-painting art at an expo just so he can give it away, Baron is always doing something interesting that's worth filming.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed shooting and producing it. To see more of baron's work, check out